Photos from 'round the place. Taken by Chris Round.

Been a little quiet recently and I’m going to take a break from shooting for a while - I’m moving house and will be offline soon for a fair while for a start, and have plenty of other things going on. So I’ll be having a break from posting shots on Facebook, Tumblr and other social channels for a while until I start getting in to some new projects over the coming months. Cheers!

Been offline for a while, but next week I have a show opening at The Colour Factory in Melbourne. It’s called “In Two Places” and is a selection of images from over the past few years that reflect the likely influence my UK upbringing has had on my photographic practice here. Much of my work during this period has been defined by overcast skies and muted tones - lighting conditions similar to that of my younger days back in England. These are a few of the images featured. It opens Thurs 2nd Oct 6-8pm 409-429 Gore Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne. Any Melbournians out there please pop along. Cheers.

Nepean River, Western Sydney
Grose River, Western Sydney
Nepean River, Western Sydney
'Leaning tree', Nepean River, Western Sydney
Nepean River, Western Sydney
Nepean/Grose/Hawkesbury confluence, Western Sydney
Silverwater, Sydney
Been offline for a while. This is in Silverwater, Western Sydney
Blue Horizons (Blue Horizons Way)
Blue Horizons (Lot 726)
Blue Horizons (Puddles)
Blue Horizons (The wall 3)